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Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

$ 555.00

Fast Facts: Healing meditation with guided imagery in order to connect with your Higher Self.

Often, your Higher Self has important messages to give you about your life. You'll find this gentle process is surprisingly simple and profound.

Duration: 1-2 Hours

More info: 

During a Meet Your Higher Self session, you will be guided through a series of relaxation techniques and guided imagery techniques that will allow you to potentially access your spirit. These sessions are powerful because of the advice and guidance that are given to you. You may have the ability to continue to strengthen this connection after the session.  

When your session is over, you may feel lighter and more confident about making changes in your life.  Although it is highly likely that you will connect with your Higher Self, each person's spirit will give them exactly what you need at the time, and sometimes this means not having a profound experience at all simply because the timing isn't divinely ordained.

To receive a Meet Your Higher Self session, you must be 18+, not in physical discomfort, and not be under a doctor’s psychiatric care. You must be able to set aside 1-2 hours of quiet, undisturbed time for your appointment.  I will record your session as an audio file and send it to you after our appointment, given the equipment works and we use the Zoom platform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Meet Your Higher Self a reading?
A: No, this is a guided meditation, in which a person goes into a deep trance and is able to access the spirit realm. Sometimes, I will receive images or messages during your session. It is my job to facilitate the journey, but the real work is done between you and your Higher Self. I will be with you the whole time, but you will be in charge of setting the pace, as we will go as slowly or as quickly as you need. 

Q: Are you a trained hypnotist?
A: No, I do not perform hypnotherapy. I am not a hypnotist. I use techniques I have been taught, as well as some that come to me intuitively. I am always learning new ways to enhance the experience for my clients. 

Q: Will I be hypnotized for the duration of the appointment?
A: You will be in a deep trance most of the time. We will do a pre-talk and a post-talk before and after the session respectively. The pre-talk answers any questions you have and make sure you are comfortable.  The post-talk recaps the topics that were explored during the session.  We will also take a break during the session if you need it. 

Q: Will I be conscious of the information relayed during the appointment? 
A: You will be conscious of everything.  You will spend the time reporting back to me your experience.  You are the narrator while experiencing and answering my questions. The session may be audio recorded so you can go back and hear all of your responses. 

Q: Once you open the box, you can’t close it so to speak, is that true? What if I go off the deep end, unable to return?
A: You have to trust that your Higher Self will only expose you to that which you can handle.  Almost always, you are taken to an experience that directly applies to your current situation.   

Q: Am I guaranteed to meet my Higher Self during the session?
A: No, but it is very common to meet your higher self. Meeting your Higher Self can bring clarity and advice to help you move through your life with more information and support. Your Higher Self may also have insight into any physical ailments you may be experiencing, and what steps to take to help.  Though it is highly likely, I can’t guarantee that you will meet your Higher Self at all. You may need to practice meditating, and developing your intuition more before seeing any significant results.  Each appointment is unique in its own right. 

Remember that appointments are up to two hours, so be sure to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. I will not issue a refund if you stop the session due to an interruption. 

The cost is $111 but a sliding scale is available if you are facing financial difficulties.

I offer appointments through Zoom, Skype, and Facebook Messenger worldwide and in person in San Diego, California. Please reach out to me at to schedule an appointment.

All guided meditations will follow an interview with myself. I will provide you with an intake form that gathers your general information and serves as a filter for any potential candidates. 

Please see Disclaimers and Policies for more information.

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