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Fear of Success

Even though it sounds a bit weird, being afraid to be successful is a very common thing today. I have come to realize that people hold onto belief codes about what it means to be successful. Belief codes are kind of like computer programs for your brain which you install based on your experiences earlier in life or with others.

I was sure that if I were to become successful, I would turn into a different person. I was afraid that no one would like me or would straight up resent me for my lifestyle. When you are constantly being told you must struggle and work hard to succeed, it's hard not to put yourself in that situation to fit in with those around you. Our parents, our teachers, our friends and family unconsciously repeat these codes so often, that we begin to take on these programs ourselves. We are constantly seeing how physical appearance, money, recognition, and "fame" boost people's Egos. So at a subconscious level we self-sabotage ourselves so that we can avoid anyone disliking us. So we put on a mask, and we march around at the same drum of those around us.

It's easy to change our beliefs and behaviors after we bring awareness to them though. Once you face and recognize the programming that you have taken on about life, about other people, and about yourself, you are a position of empowerment. You can then choose which beliefs resonate with you. And you can redirect your energy from trying to please others, to pleasing yourself. It is from this standpoint that you have a powerful effect on those around you. People will begin to see that you have changed your mind... quite literally. And ultimately you are consciously setting the example for others to live your in highest truth.

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