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Beware of Spiritual Predators

In today's world, there are more self-proclaimed healers, coaches psychics, and mediums than ever before. While their intentions may be good, most are doing more harm.

It is very important that you use your discernment when choosing to work with anyone claiming to want to make your life better. 

Remember that no one knows yourself better than you do, and that any help from someone else should serve to uplift, inspire, and tap into the greatness that already exists within you.

Are these people trying to give you readings without your permission? Are psychic mediums telling you that you have an entity attached to you? Does any of that resonate with you at all? I've heard stories of people messaging strangers saying things like, 'You're my soul mate, you're my twin flame.' Mental illness is also a very common issue in the spiritual community. 

Surfing through spiritual chatrooms, and taking classes alongside seekers from all kinds of different paths will teach you that everyone believes in one truth: their own. 

Whether it's through passive aggressive 'love and lights', or 'your vibration must be low if you think this way.' There are many people just looking to get rich quick, to sell you an idea of fear, or form some kind of codependent relationship to keep you crawling back for more spiritual bullshit.

A true spiritual leader will show you how to look within. They will tell you to reclaim your inner power. They will encourage you to be authentic, and vulnerable towards yourself first. 

When choosing a healer, coach or spiritual guide to help you along your way, this is one of the biggest tests of your intuition. How do you feel when talking to this person? Do you feel relaxed, safe, and at peace? If you feel like they are trying to get you for your money, they probably are. Trust your impressions and go with your gut.

I chose to pray, asking for assistance finding the right mentors, who would support me with the highest good mind, and a spiritual community where I would belong. My prayers were answered 10 fold, as within weeks of my initial prayers, I found a special new family with people from all over the world.

Spiritual leaders who lead from the heart exhibit haracter, charisma, integrity, courage and honor. They stand for justice, and peace. They are non-judgmental, accepting, and compassionate. These are the people you will benefit from working with.

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